Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Crazy Ideas Section - Remote Syscalls

Hi to you all. Sorry for not posting in a very long time, quite busy at work :(
I think I will start a new section in the blog, a section about crazy ideas. A crazy idea is usually a concept that can radically change how stuff works basically. I didnt do it yet because I want to bring the ideas to some level of POC, but most of the times it's too difficult to achieve this goal in my spare time/budget or the POC looks horrible. The concept I will talk about today is the latter case :(

Remote Syscall - actually I think it's quite self explanatory.  You have "Computer A" and "Computer B". You have a software on "Computer A" and you want to run it on "Computer B" by capturing the syscalls on "Computer A", encapsulating them, sending them over (tcp?) to "Computer B", Running the syscall and returning the answer.

This procedure letting me run apps on a remote computer, doing all the user mode operation in my "Computer A" and all the kernel stuff (storage/network) to the "Computer B" - all of this without the application knowing anything.