Sunday, 21 August 2022

AWS EKS 502 503 504 gateway errors and pricing

 I have used K8S for quite some time now, and I actually quite enjoyed it, but like every good piece of software, AWS has to come and fuck everything up. 

Friday, 5 August 2022

Why Kubernetes is so important for the cloud future

In the past the way we did hosting was using cheap VPS or Dedicated hosting websites like those offeres in the old forums: 

Remember those ???

Why are software companies so big?

Twitter is ~7.5K employees. 

Zendesk is ~6K employees. 

Slack is ~2.5K employees. 

Zillow (Realestate online marketplace) is ~8K employees. 

Glassdoor probably over ~1K employees. 

Facebook - ~60K employees (!!!) 

Asana - ~1.6K employees 

Okta - ~5K employees

Twitch - ~15K employees

Zoom - ~7K employees.

I am saying all of these because many professionals agree that there are not enough talented people in the software industry, and I agree with that saying, yet how it can be solved when the current software companies are so huge?

Twitter size in 2009 - 29 employees according to a google search.

Whatsapp when it was sold to FB? 55 employees. They were much smaller when they already support hundreds of millions of users. 

All those companies still probably had large-scale issues back then,  uptime concerns, and much more - and all of that with 10+  year old technology! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

I build a bot that plays popular scrabble game on its own (pt.2, adding dictionary)

 Last part:

In this part, I added a dictionary to the bot, so it won't just "brute force" its way.