Friday 3 January 2020

My new (old) computer

The things I am about to tell you began about a year and a half back. For a long time, I wanted a powerful computer. I was conflicted with Dual Xenon's workstation (maybe used),  Intel I9, and AMD ThreadRipper. The ThreadRipper seems like a really good choice, but I did not really like the single-thread performance, but the ridiculous PCI lanes bought me, as I really did want to put many GPUs/NVMEs (at least in the future). I did not really know how much GPUs I want. The problem with multiple GPUs under small form factor is the airflow, without some insane loud fans, cooling those GPUs probably won't be possible without custom water loop, so custom water loop it is.

Trying to build a dog ball thrower

So my friend and I at work thought about creating a simple ball thrower for my friend dog. He always brings his dog to work, and he wanted me to print him something, and that is what we had in mind. Of course, I wanted to print this

Remote Syscall idea is in Defcon

If you follow up on this blog you might remember me talking about the idea I had about remote administration by proxing syscalls. If you dont you can read about it here:
My colleagues, Amit and Hila used the idea in order to show how to avoid the static analysis of anti viruses. You can see their lecture in here:
I am always happy to see my ideas grow beyond this blog and me, especially when I was mentioned and being credited.
I think this idea can have a lot of potential, and I might want to to do something mote about it in the future. That is it, just wanted to share this :)