Sunday, 24 July 2016

My ISP's Router Does Not Comply with UPNP

Hello everyone.
As you may or may not know I am working on my smart light project.
One of the goals was to control the light from the internet. In order to that I need to make port forward from the router to my openhab server. One way to do that is using the port forward feature of my router. Another way is by requesting forward using UPNP protocol. My ISP got CGNAT, and regular port forward does not work. I am not sure about it but it seems that UPNP still works despite the CGNAT. After I decided I am using UPNP, I searched for some CLI UPNP utility, and found Miniupnp, Very simple tool. Tried it, didnt work :(

Friday, 22 July 2016

OpneHab, esp8266 And MQTT - Smart Lighting Project

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to talk about a old project of mine. I am talking about it just now because like every hardware project of mine, it gets delayed because many design issues.. but the important thing is that I don't give up!
I mean smart lighting is not really new, and not really creative.. you can probably find this title in other blog, but it's really cool in my opinion.
Let's get started:
Why smart lighting? basically.. because I am lazy..
Why not using already retail product? because it's expensive and not challenging.

Actually the real reason for me was my eyes sensitivity to light. In the last years I started walking more and more with sunglasses. In time, my eyes became really sensitive to light (yeah I know, I sound like a basement nerd), which requires changing my light brightness in the room (it was too bright). I got a regular fluorescent lamp, which cannot be dimmed.

Regular incandescent bulb can be dimmed but are really inefficient and the light is yellowish and not nice and natural white. At this point I said let's build some LED based one. At this time the LED strips are really popular, I can use them to light my room.
I used 8 RGB strips of 2.5M