Wednesday 5 October 2022

Apple M1 is much faster than what people thinks


I experimented the other day with some algorithms that were written in Akka and Golang (, which is highly parallelised/threaded. I tested those against 2950x/3960x AMD ThreadRippers and against Apple M1 + M1 Max. The results were really shocking for me. The Apple won (by a long shot) the ThreadRippers, even when the TRs were OC to 250W and 350W+ and they are one the fastest CPUs money can buy for their time and costing so much more than the Apple one (not considering the insane cooling/electricity they need) and the algorithm is highly parallelized. 

How we can learn parallel computing from computer games

 I really like computer games like Factorio or Satisfactory In those games you have to mine your planet resources e.g iron/copper/uranium/coal and put an intricate supply chain of factory machines/betls until more complicated resources come out e.g copper wire, engine, fuel, etc'. 

Here are a few screenshots: